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dawnescapeth's Journal

30 July
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music: vivaldi, the beatles, 10cc, cartel, jack's mannequin, beach boys, relient k, emery, billy joel, queen, fall out boy, anberlin.
books: anything jane austen, wilkie collins, robert louis stevenson, j.k. rowling, and maud hart lovelace.
tv: pre-teen shows on nickolodean hahaa, will and grace, mXc, mst3k, anything on tcm or amc, monty python reruns, blackadder reruns.
movies: pride and prejudice (a&e), wives and daughters, our mutual friend, anything msted, murder by death, animal house (edited), monty python and the quest for the holy grail, tootsie, peter sellers pink panther movies, anything with jane powell or steve mcqueen.

JESUS &hearts&hearts

music: most rap
books: the great gatsby
tv: don't watch what I don't like
movies: dr strangelove, 2001: a space odyssey, mash.
12 stones, abstinence, ace troubleshooter, all american rejects, anberlin, anti abortion, april sixth, being homeschooled, betsy and tacy, billie joe in eyeliner, black eyeliner, bleach, blindside, boys in bands, calibretto 13, calvin and hobbes, calvinism, chevelle, chocolate, christian boys, christian pop punk, christian punk, christian punk bands, christian rock, christianity, chrstian music, church, comedy, computers, conservative talk radio, conservatives, copeland, creation 2004, creation festival, dead poetic, degrassi, eisley, emery, ever stays red, fall out boy, falling up, fantasy, fighting the fall, flicker records, flyleaf, fm static, from first to last, further seems forever, god, greatestjournal, harry potter, hawk nelson, history, homeschool, homeschooled, homeschooling, house m.d., inhabited, instant messaging, jc-tv, jessy ribordy, jesus, jimmy eat world, john reuben, josh groban, jt yorke, kids in the way, killing algebra, krystal meyers, kutless, last tuesday, laura ingram, linux, longday, lord of the rings, lostprophets, lotr humor/paradies, mae, matt thiessen, melted cheese, mourning september, music videos, musicals, mxpx, my laptop, mystery science theater 3000, napoleon dynamite, ncis, never heard of it, number one gun, olivia hussey, out of options, patrick henry college, philmore, pillar, pink panther, pop punk, pop-punk, prayer, pres bush, presbyterians, pro-life, punk, punk bands, punk rock, punks, purevolume.com, radiou, reading, relient k, rush limbaugh, sanctus real, sarcasm, sebastian lefebvre, sebastien lefebvre, seven places, shaggy hair, side walk slam, simple plan, sky harbor, squad five-o, squirrels, stellar kart, studded belts, stupidvideos.com, subseven, subway, sugarcult, superchick, sweet guys, switchfoot, the bible, the elms, the evan anthem, the juliana theory, the killers, the starting line, the wedding, theology, thinking, thousand foot krutch, toddbot.com, tooth and nail, tvu, underoath, worshiping, wristbands, writing, x2003 videos, x2004 videos